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Hiddes Stories



I’m really excited to share an update on Hidden Stories, the amazing team at Transient Labs has joined forces with myself and Guppy NFT to bring you my latest project, Hidden Stories!


I have fond memories of getting lost in antique stores and galleries as a kid, my mom has always been a collector of all things. I always found myself wondering what each of those pieces has seen and to who they belonged.

This is how the idea of Hidden Stories was born.

Together with Guppy NFT and Transient Labs, we created the Story Contract, a beautiful convergence of my fascination with hidden stories. This allows collectors to leave their traces behind by adding stories to each HS NFT they own.

The first chapter of HS, Sight of Hand came from spending a lot of time in solitude during the pandemic. As a means to cope I spent a lot of time looking through my archives realizing that it’s always been the small moments that drew me in.

For years we’ve been tucked away behind masks, covering ourselves. Yet our hands are even more exposed than ever. I felt the need to dive deeper, isolating the traces of hidden stories upon our hands.

Chapter One – Sight of Hand, includes 50 1/1 photographs made over the course of 6 years, these photographs have been captured in cities across the globe.

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